Winter is here! Embracing indoor shoots

Even though this winter is not super cold yet, I am sure we will still be expecting a couple of cold days in the next few months.


Does that mean you should not have your photos taken?  


Well, that highly depends on if you can do that.


If you would like family photos done, and you want to wait until the summer, so we can do your shoot at an outdoor location that is totally understandable. 



But how about if you have an urgency to get photos done?

maternity shoot Leiden

Let say you’re expecting, or your baby will be born in the winter months. Then you have no time to waste. 


I don’t think that should be the reason to shy away from having this special season in your life captured. 


If you hire a good photographer (wink, wink) it should be possible to shoot in your home.


Of course it helps a lot if we shoot on a sunny day, but if any area of your apartment has large windows, we can make it work with any weather condition. 

maternity shoot oestgeest

Maybe you have no urgency of any sort, but you would like to have a family shoot, you've been postposing to book for years, but now it's winter and you can't do it... and why?


Read on for the next common thing why families don’t want to have their photos taken at home. 

Family shoot Den Haag

Another hinderance might be you thinking your home in not photogenic enough or it's too messy to have professional photos taken there.


I always say though, if this is a home your children grow up in it doesn’t matter how it looks like, because it will be a beautiful memory for them to look back on. 


I have many photographs of myself as a child in my family home, and I have never thought looking back on those photos: ‘Ugh... my grandparents had such a bad taste in interior design…’ or 'Gosh such a mess, did my mom ever tidy up in our house?' 


Looking at those photos I smell my grandmas freshly baked cookies. I hear the scratchy old radio my grandpa was always playing, and I feel our soft carpet under my feet I have spent countless hours playing on. 

family shoot Noordwijk

This will be the same for you and your children when they look back on those photos years from now. 


For me is always and absolute yes, to shoot at a location where there are any memories attached and I know your home is one of those places. 


Remember you spend lots of time in and make probably the most memorable and beautiful memories for your children.


Also children are usually most relaxed in their own environment, so I can promise we will not get any forced smiles , but I will truly capture them in their natural essence, how you're used to seeing them every day. 

Familie fotoshoot Den Haag

I truly hope you have enjoyed this short article, and I hope to see you in your home next time, capturing those seemingly everyday moments that will be so special to look back on in a few years. 


x Simona 


PS: below you can find a selection of some of my favourite indoor photos. ^.^

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