Year in Life

What is Year in a Life?

Year in a Life is an experience designed for you and your family, where I will capture and tell the story of your baby’s first year. It’s a series of four or six photo shoots that will be crafted around your wishes. 


It is up to you to decide how you would like to distribute those sessions over the first year, but if you ask me, I would love to start with a maternity shoot. You will be pampered by my hair and makeup artist, and we will capture you (and your partner if he wishes) featuring your beautiful baby bump. After that you can pick from the following age sessions: birth, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, one year! 


The sessions are not about perfection, but will be designed to capture you and your baby as your truest selves.


Right after your baby’s first birthday, we will design a handcrafted luxury album together, with your favourite photographs from all your first year together. 

Some details about Year in a Life

Let’s talk a little bit more in detail about what the individual sessions are like.

Maternity: This session will be about you—and your cute belly. I know that most expecting moms don’t feel beautiful and instead feel huge and bloated. I want to prove you wrong. You are beautiful and radiant, carrying a future life under your heart. You can do this session alone, with your partner or children. I don’t want to show only your belly, but also the love between you and your partner. I want you to be able to look back in a few years and see yourself exactly as you were before your world changed. 


Depending on the time of year and the style of photos you wish for, we will carefully pick a location that suits the look we want to achieve. I love shooting outside and have many locations that can suit different styles, but the best spot depends on the weather. If you would like boudoir style photos, or an indoor session, that is also possible in your home or studio. Before the shoot you will be pampered by my hair and makeup artist and you can pick from a selection of maternity dresses and gowns. The best time to do your maternity shoot is between 32 and 38 weeks. 


Newborn: Thinking about newborns makes my heart melt. They’re so precious, fragile, and tiny. Having a newborn can be exhausting, so I will make sure you need to do absolutely nothing to prepare for this session. The best part is that I will come to you and make sure your baby is comfortable during the whole session. You can just relax for a few hours while I capture the tiny details of your newborn who, before you realise it, will be running around the house. 


My newborn photos have a natural style to them because I want to capture your newborn as they are, with nothing extra. I will most likely spend a few hours with you during this session—with breaks, of course. I have lots of blankets and different backgrounds you can pick from, and a large variety of headbands and bonnets.


3 months: This session is to capture the phase between newborn and proper baby. Babies start lifting their heads a bit at this stage and can follow objects with their eyes.

They will already recognise your face, and we will be able to capture the first little smile they only share with you at this point.

Most moms feel quite tired when I am there for the newborn shoot, so they mostly don’t end up in the photos. This is why they love this session as we get the first precious photos together.

This session will most likely take place in your home, right after your babies nap and feeding.


6 months: Babies at this age can sit and start pushing up from their tummy. This session could be in your home, or outside if the weather allows. At six months, they’re really interested in everything new, so they will be amazed by my camera and look right at the lens. This was one of my favourite ages to take photos of my daughter. 


9 months: This session is perfect for you if your baby starts sitting and moving a bit later. My daughter only started sitting around this age, so for us the nine month photos were more relevant. Babies also start pulling up and standing a bit at this time. This session can also be in your home or outside, depending on your preference. 


One year: Turning one is such a milestone in your baby’s life. They have learned so many things, in such a short time. This session can be a cake smashing session in a studio, in your home, or outside. We can think about a theme together, or you can give me the artistic freedom to come up with something incredibly cute. I have a great collection of girl dresses and boy outfits that you can pick from. 

Little boy Leiden

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to sign up for Year in a Life?

The best time to sign up for Year in a Life is when you know you’re pregnant. We can already plan your maternity shoot at that point. Since it’s an exclusive service and I put lots of time and care into each mom, the spots I have available are limited, so make sure to snag yours in time. 

How do we book an appointment?

Your maternity shoot will be booked between weeks 32 and 38 of your pregnancy. When in those five weeks you do your session depends on both our availability and how much you’re showing. I have worked with some moms who only showed a tiny bit until almost the end of their pregnancy, and others who already had a beautiful round belly at 22 weeks, so we just move each mom’s shoot to the best time.


The newborn shoot will be booked for the eighth day after your due date. All the other sessions will be booked after we know when your baby was born. You don’t have to worry about any of this though. I will make all the bookings for you automatically, after your baby is born, and all you need to do is confirm if the times work for you! 

How many photos do I get per session?

 We will have lots of beautiful photos to pick from. The amount of photos you receive comes down to the package you have picked. Please get in touch for detailed price list. 

What style of hair and makeup do I get for the maternity shoot?

That is 100% dependent on what you would like. My makeup and hair artist is very good in understanding your style and will listen closely to how you would like it. We will make you feel beautiful and cared for! 

When do I get to see the photos?

The photos will be delivered seven workdays after your shoot. In some cases this can vary by +/- 2 days. 

When do I receive the album?

Since your baby’s first year album is handmade, it takes a bit longer to make. You can expect to receive it six weeks after your baby’s one year photo session. 

What if my birth is early or delayed?

Birth is a hard thing to plan around, but in most cases the due date is quite accurate. If anything changes, we will be in close touch so I know when I need to come for your newborn session. 

Do you photoshop the maternity images?

I personally like the more natural images. Imperfections on our bodies are signs that we as women have been through many life experiences, and I find them beautiful. That being said, I am highly trained and able to photoshop your images according to your wishes. We can talk about this in the pre-consult if you would like to take advantage of these services. 

Exactly how many sessions are included?

You have a choice between three or four sessions, depending on whether or not you would like a maternity shoot included. 

Do you make birth announcements?

I do! When your baby first arrives, the last thing on your mind is sending out birth announcements, but we don’t want to make eager family members wait for them. My background is in graphic design, so if you would like a custom birth announcement card, I can make your design and get them printed for you. They can be in the mail within five workdays. This service is available to you upon request, but is not included in your Year in a Life package. 

Can I also have my other children in the photo sessions?

Yes! Please! That is part of your story, and I am dying to help you tell it. Your whole family is welcome to any of the sessions. 

What if my baby gets sick before our shoot?

We will reschedule, no questions. We will always work around any kind of emergency or sickness. 

Can I get a second album?

 You can always order a second album with a discount, or a parent album, that has the same images as your album, but the cover is soft. This is a great option as a gift to the grandparents or close relatives. 

Any unanswered questions?

Make sure to get in touch!

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