Maternity shoot Scheveningen

Scheveningen beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the Netherlands, and I was very happy when Eugenia agreed to shoot there after I suggested it. 


What made me even happier that her whole family wanted to be in the photos! Most of the cases dads are not that comfortable with being in the photos, so they shy away coming to the shoot overall. 


Even though I believe that because of my approach to photography, my shoots are not uncomfortable even for 'un photogenic' dads. 


I pretty much let the family do their thing, and I will be just running around you to capture it all!


Take a peek at the video below, see the full set and read the story by scrolling down. 

Another thing about being a photographer for mainly expats, is that I get to meet lots of different people with different backgrounds and cultures. 


For example Eugenia is originally from Russia, but she moved here with her parents when she was little, her husband is Dutch, but they recently moved back to the Netherlands after living in New York for a couple of years. I loved hearing all the stories Eugenia had to share, about their time in New York with a little baby. 


Even though on the day of the shoot the weather was not perfect, the photos still turned out fantastic. Often people are worried, when it's not sunny on the day of our shoot. 

I usually say that cloudy weather is actually better and easier to work with for me then full sun! 

Scheveningen maternity shoot
Behind them you can see the gorgeous hotel called Kurhaus
Maternity photo shoot Den Haag
Family shoot Den Haag
Baby shoot Den Haag
She loved playing with the water and sand while I got to photograph her pretty mama
Familie fotoshoot Den Haag
Her face is priceless
Family the Hague
We tried taking some photos inside, but all the wanted to do is play the piano.

After we were done with all our beach shots, we went inside to warm up a bit, despite being a summer day. 

Then again when you live in the Netherlands, you never know what to expect, regardless the season. 


I hope you enjoyed this series. 


x Simona 

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