Leiden interview with Rebecca Winter

I bring to you this interview knowing, you will get something out of it. You might not want to hear, or agree with what Rebecca is sharing, but for me personally, it has been an eye opener. I would even go to the point of saying it has been a life changing. 


I always knew I want to and had to change my diet, but never knew what direction to take. 


The few simple guidelines Rebecca lays out, are super easy to follow and after a few weeks I can already see and experience the changes. 


It's always harder to see the changes in yourself, so I can tell you what I have noticed on my daughter and partner since we changed our diet. 

  • My daughter has been significantly calmer. She doesn't throw fits, she doesn't cry if she doesn't get her way, she's not wining, unless there's something really wrong with her (like super tired, or sick) .
  • She is taking long naps and wakes up happy
  • Sorry if this grosses you out, but her poop has been so much better. Very nice solid and consistent. 
  • She has been much more alert and active in the times she's awake
  • My partner lost some access belly fat
  • We don't feel sleepy after meals
  • We don't get as hungry in between meals 

See the full interview video below!

So I hope the list above makes you consider watching the interview. It is 20 minutes long, but that's a very short investment for taking in some long term health advice.



Also I will highlight some parts and their content, but the interview is built on from the beginning so if you can, I would watch the whole thing! 


0- 2:10 - Intro and a little about Rebecca, and Kinesiology. 


2:10- What is gut health and what does it mean.


6:13- What to feed to our children. 


8:32- Nutritions correlation with meltdowns.


12:03 - Our daily sugar intake. 


14:52- How to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle.

Here are the links to everything we talked about in this interview:

Rebecca's website: http://www.emanant.eu/Home/

Rebecca FB: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.winter.376







I really hope you enjoyed this interview! 

x Simona 

PS. If you have any questions please leave them here in the comment area and Rebecca would love to answer them!

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