Keven & Piet

Keven and Piet moved to the Netherlands about a year and a half ago. I first met Keven and Piet when she was just a few weeks pregnant and became good friends with her ever since. They made a big move with their dog and cat all the way from Portland and since they had some family here in the Netherlands, decided to start a life here. They also really wanted to have a baby, so they started the process of IVF as soon as they moved here. I am really happy that it went well, and a few days ago, I got to meet their sweet baby girl Theodora, who's a little bundle of joy. 

Zwangerschapshoot Cronesteyn Leiden
maternity shoot Leiden

Meet Teddie

Theodora was born a few weeks later then expected. Seems like she really loved spending time in Kevens belly. In the Netherlands home birth is very normal, so Keven was planning on doing so. Unfortunately since Teddie was so late, she ended up going to the hospital, where at the end she had an emergency cesarean. Both baby and mum are doing well, getting used to each other, and life outside the womb. Teddie was 8 days old at her newborn shoot and she  was the best model, and I cannot wait to see her growing big. 

newborn photoshoot Leiden
newborn den Haag
baby photo shoot Leiden

Sharon & Rene

When we did this shoot Sharon was almost due. It's so great though that we got to do their shoot just in time. By the time we met up to select the photos together Sharon was already in labour and she actually had their son that night. I feel so honoured that people let me be part of these special moments in their life. 

Maternity photoshoot Noordwijk
Zwangerschapshoot Noordwijk
Zwanger shoot Leiden
Zwangerschapshoot Leiden

Meet Emilie

It was lovely to meet Emilie and her family. She was a bit older then what we usual newborn shoots are, so we did a mix of newborn only and lifestyle photos. 

I always tell families and moms that they should have their photos with their newborn. It's such a special time together, that you will be able to relive through the photos! Also her older brother was in love with her, and I was so happy to be able to capture this sibling love! 

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