8 ways to recharge for juggling moms

While we adore our little ones we should keep in mind that being a mother is more work then a full time job.


To stay happy it's crucial to find time to refresh and regain some energy by doing things that will actually make us feel better. 


The easiest and most tempting thing to do would be to just lay on the couch with our phone and have some rest. Of course there's nothing wrong with that!


But...I wanted to put together a list of things that could be a go to, for things to do, to take your mind off your family and work, and simply spend some time for yourself. 

1. Exercise

Our bodies were meant to move -- they actually crave exercise. Exercise reduces stress, lifts moods, and helps you sleep better. Even if your goal is not weight loss, just going out and moving will put you in a better mood. Some moms prefer dancing while others like to go on a run, or swim to clear their head. You surely have to find what works for you! 

2. Journal

Even if you're not the journaling type of person, writing down your thoughts and feeling, can help you process them. 

At the end no-one is going to read it. Hopefully. :) There are also other ways to journal then just writing. You can also do visual journaling which might suit better the creative types. 

You can check out some visual journaling ideas here!

3. Crafts

I am not that big on crafting, but I though I would collect other things under here that I do love doing: painting, colouring, drawing, knitting, sowing. When we’re being creative, our brains release dopamine, a natural anti-depressant. Creativity that takes concentration is a non-medicinal way of getting a feel-good high. You can also do this with your children, to do something together but still for yourself! This article speaks of how crafting can benefit mental health! 


4. Napping

I know what you're thinking!

'This is the last thing I wanna be doing in my free time! My to do list never ends, do you really think I'll take a nap?!'

You would be surprised what a 20 minute power nap can do to you! Short naps can benefit you in many ways, you might actually get more done at the end then without a nap! 

Read this article about power napping! 

5. Girl time

In this age of social media, sometimes we forget that meeting with friends can be so refreshing. We text with each other, but that is truly not quality time. Set aside some time to meet with some of your closest girlfriends! 

6. Netflix

Putting on my favourite show will always cheer me up, or take my mind off of things. You could do this while you're doing some house chores, or just in the evening to relax a little! We love series around here, and it is definitely something I am looking forward to certain parts of the day. :) 

7. Meditation

Everyday life, and a busy schedule can quickly fill up your head. Some days I really feel like my head is going to explode, and I know I am not alone in this! Creating head space is essential, for healthy being, so to just turn off for 10 minutes a day could be a life changer. There are also some great apps that help you do that!
See them here! 

8. Gardening

Even though we don't have a garden, after replanting some plants, I already feel better and calmer. There's just something about the smell of the dirt, and digging your hands through it. In one study, participants performed a stressful activity and then were assigned 30 minutes of gardening or 30 minutes of indoor reading afterwards. Both reduced stress, but gardening had a significantly bigger impact. 

These are only a few ways I have found to be relaxing and help me turn off the everyday noise. I think everyone has to find out what works for them! 


Let me know in the comments below what do you do to recharge! 


x Simona 

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