5 reasons against a family shoot.

Every time I meet new moms and I tell them I am a photographer, the response is usually this: 

'Oh cool, what type of photography do you do? Do you also do family photography? I've been wanting to do a family shoot for a long time BUT ...!' - now fill in your reason there. 

In this blogpost I will cover the most common reasons why people don't do a family shoot, and basically debunk those excuses. 

1. My kids can't behave

This one is one of the most common sentences I hear.

Let me be honest with you for a moment, and tell you a secret: Most kids don't behave when I do a shoot!

And that is actually great and I am happy about it. That simply means they accepted me taking photos of them and your family, and they're ready to be their normal every day self. The type of photography I do is all about capturing the essence of your family, and who you really are.

Well behaved children, sitting around quietly are surely not going to get us the results we would like, and that is to see your family as you are in this time of your life. 

Familie fotoshoot Zoetemeer

I have 10+ years of experience as a nanny, so I've seen many different children, and I can assure you yours are not the worst.

I also have a child of my own, so I know kids are not angels. 

Please don't apologise if your children are loud, or wild during a session. They should be wild! And if you little one is a runner, I'll make sure to chase them down, and get the photos you are dreaming of.

That's why I don't have a gym membership, I usually get all my running done during family sessions. ;)

Family photoshoot Scheveningen
This sweet girl totally forgot about me 10 minutes into our shoot, so I just kept going after her, and capture her running around enjoying the beach in Scheveningen.

2. I need to loose weight

I wouldn't consider myself a vain person, but heck yeah I hate the extra pounds I put on since my baby was born.

Then you keep hearing, 'oh it will just fall off if you breastfeed...' hmm yeah that did not happen for me.  


Still that didn't stop me from taking photos with my daughter, and even though in most of those photos I don't look the way I wish I would look, or how the world tells me I should look, I am deeply moved every time I look at them. 


Your children in 20 years time, will not be looking at how much you weight, but the way you're holding them, or how they gave you sweet baby kisses. 


When I look at the photo below all I see: silly face, bad hair day, my tummy not being as flat as I wish it would be.

But I think when my daughter will look at it in 10 years, she will be filled with wonder who that little girl was in her mamas hands.

Me and my daughter in San Francisco
Me and my daughter in San Francisco

This photo though was taken by a friend.


When you do a shoot with a professional photographer like me- wink wink- I will make sure that we do avoid those angles that aren't flattering to most people. 

Mom and their son Voorhout
Family shoot Voorhout

The images you see above, was taken in quite bad weather circumstances, and we actually almost stopped the shoot half way. Moms hair was soaking wet, the kids were cold, still I captured these shots, before we were completely wiped out by the rain.


Mom was quite worried if they looked ok, and if the photos would turn out fine. 


What was the first thought that popped into your head when you was these images?  

3. It's really expensive

Hmm.. yes you're right, it is expensive. Hiring a professional photographer should be expensive since it's a luxury service.

But I promise you every cent you spend will be worth while if you hire the right person! 


I also don't think we can put a price tag on preserving memories.


Wouldn't be so nice for once to be in the photos yourself without asking your partner to take your photo or leaving it up for the chance of taking a good selfie. 

Amsterdam family shoot

Today we spend so much money on things we don't need necessarily. Sometimes I look at my bank account and think: 'Huh, what was that thing that minused there? Oh yeah those shoes that didn't fit right but I never returned'.


We spend money so easily on things that might not have a long term value. When you do a shoot and you buy an album, those photos will preserve for generations to come! 

Family Jordaan Amsterdam

4. We don't have time

Family shoots last between 45-90 minutes, depending on how the family is holding up, how small are your kids and how many little brakes we have. 

Of course you need to set some time aside to arrange your shoot, getting ready, getting there. Probably won't take you longer then three hours tops! 


I think it's lovely to set aside time like that only for your family. To just enjoy each others presence, while I am there capturing it. 

Family photoshoot Oestgeest

If we're gonna look back on our lives in 10 years I don't think we will ever day: 'Man, I wish I would've spent more time ...' you can fill in the blank.


For me it would be cleaning the house, or working, checking Facebook. 

I think in most cases will be 'I wish I would've sent more time with my family'. 


Doing something together like a family shoot is a great opportunity to get teenagers off their phones, fathers away from the business of work, and just enjoy each other in this season of your life. 

5. We're not photogenic

I left this excuse as the last one, because it's my favourite one to debunk.


Almost every single family I photograph this is the one thing they warn me about. 

My answer is usually: 'That's fine, you don't have to be!' 

That's the beauty in the style of photography I do. It's not about you having the ability to charm the camera and give me your best face. It's about your genuine self amongst your loved ones. 


I see beauty in every single person I meet, and I already know from the first glance how I would like to photograph you. Yes, sounds a bit creepy, but I guess it comes with the job.

Usually when I do a shoot it's mostly man who don't like to be photographed. 


In the photos below after I showed the photos to the family the dad said to me: "I usually hate myself in photographs, and I actually like how I look here, you did a great job" 


I think the secret for me to capture your best self is when you feel relaxed an confident, that I will do the work you hired me to do! 

I really hope you enjoyed this article, let me know if after this you still have some objections, would love to chat you about it over a coffee, my treat! ;) 


Also please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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x Simona

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